3 Other Courses You Can Take to Improve Your English Skills

3 Other Courses You Can Take to Improve Your English Skills

For many people, there is room for improvement when it comes to English language proficiency. Most people outside of business or academic settings focus on the spoken word, which often has usage trends that are technically incorrect. By taking an Intensive English Programs recommended by ELEC Language Center, it is possible to reinforce the underlying rules and improve spoken as well as written English. Read on, and some of the most beneficial types of classes to take will be outlined and described for your convenience.



A composition class is an intensive class that makes you learn through hands-on writing and critique. Classes tend to require students to write one or more articles per week, which are then graded and given back. As you write and are critiqued, you will begin to notice things you are doing right as well as mistakes you commonly make. By being aware of mistakes you are likely to make, you can incorporate it into your editing process and improve your writing.


Business Writing

Business writing classes provide insight into technical writing styles. Instruction introduces common article formats such as press releases, white papers, and briefs. Understanding the application of the various types of articles will help you to organize your writing even outside of an occupational setting. Most of the writing is no-frills and informative, and it is an excellent way to learn not to include fluff in your works.






Literature classes provide students with a broad background in famous and influential works from history. Classes often focus on classic novels, but it is common for the Bible or mythological works to be included. The writing characteristic that taking a literature class will reinforce is the ability to make prose colorful and engaging. Works are chosen because of their ability to hold the attention of readers of any generation.


In Conclusion

English is by no means an easy language to learn. In fact, it incorporates rules and standards from such a wide range of heritage languages that there are almost always exceptions to grammar and spelling rules. This can make it difficult for people without a strong background in writing or those that do not read often. However, practice and repetition can transform you from a person with only a vulgar understanding of the language into someone that could write professionally. All you need to do is sign up for classes, attend them, and put in the work to make sure assignments are done to the best of your abilities.