3 Simple Office Management Tips That Will Boost Your Office Productivity

3 Simple Office Management Tips That Will Boost Your Office Productivity

Education and intelligence are not the only attributes that you must have in order to be a good manager. To be a good manager, you must also have excellent office management skills. This article will help you improve your office management skills by showing you three simple tips that you can start using today.


Tip 1: Make A Daily Schedule For Returning Phone Calls And Replying To Emails.

reply emailReturn phone calls and reply to emails only during certain times of the day. This will help you save time by removing the distraction of emails and phone calls. The best way to schedule your emails and phone calls is to select two time periods during the morning and afternoon when the only two things you do are emails and calls.

If you want to make sure that you follow through with your chosen time periods, you can set up a timer that will beep after a time period for checking emails and making phone calls has passed. This way you boost your productivity because studies have shown that a sense of urgency associated with a tight deadline tends to make people work faster.

Also, when scheduling time for checking emails and returning phone calls, consider the short time periods when you are waiting. One of these waiting time periods is the time period preceding your work meetings and other appointments. Because you tend to anticipate what is going to happen in these meetings, it is harder for you than usually to concentrate. Therefore, checking email and returning phone calls during this time period can help you save time because neither task requires a lot of concentration.


Tip 2: Create A Filing System.

The filing system should be easy-to-use and should match the type of work you do. There are lots of ways to file, so when considering the best way to do so, write down your work priorities. This way it will be easier for you to understand whether filing by client or by project is the best way to organize your filing system.


filling system


fillingWhen creating your filing system, remember that the filing of electronic documents must be done in the same way the filing of paper documents is done. According to the National Association of Professional Organizers, this helps streamline the flow of information inside your organization.

Also, create an index of file names that will make it easy for your colleagues to find documents when you are out of office. When creating an index of file names, put the latest documents at the top of the file so that they could be easily accessible.


Tip 3: Reorganize Your Office Space.

Reorganizing your office space can help you save you a lot of time. By simply moving trash bin closer to your desk, you can save time by throwing trash into it, instead of walking to it each time you need to throw something away.


office space


Also, remove any unnecessary items from your desk. An uncluttered desk can greatly improve your efficiency by letting you concentrate on things that are absolutely necessary. When you see only the bare essentials, your mind does not get distracted by clutter, and your productivity improves.


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