4 Profitable Tips for Selling Your Bicycle Online

4 Profitable Tips for Selling Your Bicycle Online

If you have a bike you aren’t using and want to turn it into a bit of extra cash, you may be considering selling. Whether you are hoping to pocket a cool 50 bucks for your off-the-rack Walmart ‘mountain bike’ or you have a speedy Italian touring bike you’d like to offer to serious enthusiasts, the online market will help you unload it. Here are some tips to maximize your profit and keep the process simple.


Clean Up Your Bicycle

While this may seem obvious, a quick perusal of objects offered for sale online will show you that many people will attempt to sell something that is covered in dirt, grease or other filth. Wash your bike carefully and give it a good polish. Use some tire spray to make the tires glossy, and make sure the seat cover is in good repair. If there are scratches in the paint, consider purchasing a bottle of touch-up paint at an autobody store to fix them. If the handgrips are nasty from hours of sweaty palms, consider replacing or covering them.


How to clean a bicycle in about 15 minutes



Take the Best Possible Photos

Park your bike next to a contrasting wall in good light. Then, pull up a chair and shoot photos of it from a seated position. Far too many people will post photos of a bike for sale on the bicycle buy & sell online listings that were taken from a standing position and don’t really show the bike to its best advantage. If you notice any glaring or flares of light, try taking photos at a different time of day or with a light sheet hung over the window. Avoid taking photos in cluttered garages or other dank locales.


Beautiful Bike




Write a Good Listing

You want to be friendly, articulate and truthful in your advertisement. Avoid chatspeak and unnecessary abbreviations, unless you are posting the ad on Twitter! Be honest about the age and condition of the bicycle, as well as how much you used it and whether or not you’ve done any maintenance or major repairs. Keep it short, accessible and honest. Be certain your contact information is correct before you submit your ad.


USJCycles -  Bicycle Buy & Sell Trade Online

USJCycles – Bicycle Buy & Sell Trade Online



Be Respectful of Others’ Time

Don’t post that interested parties can call you in the evenings and then let every call go to voicemail. Likewise, don’t allow email inquiries to languish for day before replying. Those who want your bike need to be able to establish contact in a timely manner.

While selling anything online can seem daunting, unloading your bicycle can be an easy process if you keep these tips in mind. Be honest, forthright and welcoming in your ad, and you will usually have cash in your hand quickly so you can set your sights on a new ride.