4 Things Renters Should Consider Before Deciding to Move Into a Serviced Apartment

4 Things Renters Should Consider Before Deciding to Move Into a Serviced Apartment


When you are looking for a place to live in Singapore, you have a few different options that you can review and consider. Those who have their own furniture in Singapore and who are looking for a place to live for a long period of time may choose to rent an unfurnished apartment or flat, and there are many unfurnished units available throughout the area. Serviced apartments in Singapore are an alternative to unfurnished apartments, and they may generally be furnished and come with a wide range of common area amenities and tenant services that can make your living experience more enjoyable than staying in a hotel. Before you make the decision to move into a serviced, consider these factors to determine if this is the right option for you.


The Length of Your Stay

Serviced apartments are generally intended for individuals who do not have furniture or who do not want to move their furniture into a new space for a specific reason. For example, you may be in town on business for six months, and your furniture may be located in your home country. Perhaps you are building a new home and your belongings are in a storage space in the interim. Serviced apartments may generally be intended for those who need a short-term housing solution but who do not want to stay in a hotel. However, long-term leases are sometimes available in Singapore as well.


The Amenities in the Complex

Serviced apartments often have hotel-like amenities, such as a fitness center, a business center, a swimming pool or other amenities. Typically, the amount of the rent that you pay for your serviced apartment will reflect the size and quality of your unit, and it will also reflect the type and quality of amenities that you have access to on the property. If amenities are not a major concern to you, you may consider finding a property with limited amenities in order to save money on your rent.



Services Available to Tenants

With serviced apartments, some of the buildings offer services that are fairly similar to hotels. For example, some have front desk concierge service, housekeeping, grocery shopping service and more. While these services are generally included with your rent, not all renters may need or want them. Because the cost of your rent will reflect the types of services that you have access to, it is important to find an apartment building that most closely matches your need for services without going too far over. This will help you to reduce your rental expenses.



Alternative Options Available

You may also consider other options as alternatives to a serviced apartment. Your main options are an extended stay hotel or an unfurnished apartment. If renting a furnished space is a top priority, then a serviced unit or an extended stay hotel are the only options. Keep in mind that an extended stay hotel may have a different floor plan than a serviced apartment. For example, with a serviced apartment, you may have a larger living area, a private bedroom or multiple bedrooms, a full kitchen and even a dedicated parking space.

While there are fewer serviced apartments available in Singapore than unfurnished units, there are still many great options available for you to consider leasing. First, think about if this type of accommodation is best for your needs. Then, consider what types of amenities and services you prefer in your apartment. This will help you to more easily find the right space to lease in Singapore and may help you to avoid spending more on your rent than necessary.