4 Tips for Preventing Hair Damage and Getting Healthy, Beautiful Hair

4 Tips for Preventing Hair Damage and Getting Healthy, Beautiful Hair

When it comes to a great hairstyle, nothing is better for showing off your beautiful face and tying together your whole look and style. But, if that style is marred by split ends, breakage, and frizz, there is little that you can do. Take action ahead of time to prevent hair damage, and you’ll never have to worry about messing up a style with unhealthy hair.

Guide to Preventing Hair Damage By Yun Nam Hair Care Effectiveness:

Think of your hair as your halo or the crown atop your beautiful ensemble, and treat it as such. Take care of your hair and it will always look great.


Avoid getting your hair wet and stay dry always to prevent from damage!



1. Prevent Water Damage

No, not water damage like is in your basement from the last flood or a reno gone awry. When your hair is wet, it is the most susceptible to damage, so be careful with it. Water breaks down the natural hydrogen bonds in your hair, and these bonds don’t reform until your hair is dry. Try carefully working conditioner through your hair with a paddle brush or wide tooth comb while you’re in the shower. This will help detangle your hair more safely. Also, avoid brushing your hair when it’s wet.


Avoid doing this because cause it cause breakage and leads to more matting and tangles to our hair!



2. Don’t Strangle Your Locks

Many women know the “towel turban” as the only, or at least the best, post-shower style, but this practice is actually one of the worst things you can do for your hair. Rubbing your hair with a towel and then wrapping it tightly can cause breakage and leads to more matting and tangles, which are much harder to get out. Try blotting your hair with your towel and combing out the excess water with a wide tooth comb.


Turn these devices on a low and cool setting to decrease the heat that damage our hair.



3. Turn Down the Heat

Most women use some sort of heat to style their hair, but again heat is a dangerous weapon against your hair. If you are using heat to style, be sure to use your hair dryer on a low and cool setting. Opt for a dryer that features ceramic, ionic, and tourmaline technology to cut down on drying time. Also, be sure your hair is completely dry before using other heat styling tools.


Cotton pillow case can wreak havoc on your hair, use silk pillowcase for maintaining your locks during sleeping time.



4. Sleep Well

Although you may not know it, a cotton pillow case can wreak havoc on your hair. The texture of these cases have a tendency to tangle your hair and can zap the moisture in it as well. Opt for a silk pillow case, or even just a polished cotton option. Satin bonnets or hair wraps are also helpful for maintaining your locks during the night so you can sleep well (and so can your hair).

Follow these four steps and you’ll be well on your way to beautiful, healthy hair.