5 Main Causes of Hip Pain in Women

5 Main Causes of Hip Pain in Women

Chronic hip pain in women is much more common that it is in men. There are several different causes for hip pain. Therefore, determining the cause is essential to getting the best treatment.

Getting a diagnosis

When you inform your doctor that you are experiencing pain in your hip, he or she should immediately make sure that your hip is the source of the pain. It is common for women to say that they are having pain in their hip. However, they really mean they have pain in the upper buttock or upper thigh. Lower back pain may also be the problem. Many people feel hip pain in the groin. It is also commonly felt on the outside of the hip where the hip joint is found. This is a ball-and-socket joint.

Reasons why women experience hip pain

When a woman complains to a doctor about pain she is experiencing in her hip, the woman’s activity level, build and age all need to be taken into consideration. The possibilities for the causes of the pain are much different when a woman is an 80-year-old, overweight woman than they are for a 20-year-old woman who is in shape.

Here are some of the most common reasons that women experience hip pain:

1. Arthritis:

This is the most frequent cause of hip pain that is chronic in women. Osteoarthritis is a particularly big problem. This is the wear-and-tear type of arthritis that many people suffer from as they get older. As time goes by, ball-and-socket joints will eventually start to wear out. Because of swelling or stiffness in the joint, arthritis is commonly felt in the groin or in the front of the thigh.


Arthritic Hip



2. Fracturing a hip:

Older women tend to fracture their hips often. This is especially true for women suffering from decreased density in their bones, also known as osteoporosis. Common symptoms experienced when a hip is fractured include pain when the person stands on, lifts or straightens their leg. The toes that are on the side that is injured will seem to turn out. This is a common sign that can help a doctor to diagnosis the problem.


Types of hip fracture



3. Bursitis and tendinitis

The muscles are connected to the joint with the help of many tendons that are around the hip. If a woman does any activities that are strenuous of if they are overused, the tendons can become inflamed easily. Iliotibial band syndrome is a frequent cause of hip joint tendinitis. This is especially true in runners. The thick length of tissue that stretches from the outside of the knee to the outer rim of the pelvis is the iliotibial band. Bursitis occurs when sacs filled with fluid that cushion the part of the hip region that is near the surface become inflamed. These sacs are called bursae and they are similar to tendons in that they can become inflamed due to overuse or irritation. They can also cause pain when the hip joint is moved.


Bursitis of the hip


4. Hernia:

Inguinal and femoral hernias in the groin area can result in women having frontal hip pain. These are often called sports hernias. Because of the increased pressure on the wall of their abdomen, pregnant women frequently get inguinal hernias.


inguinal hernia



5. Back and gynecological problems:

Gynecological causes can result in women having hip pain. A woman should never just assume that her hip pain is caused by tendinitis, bursitis or arthritis. When the lining of the uterus grows in a different place, this is called endometriosis. This can cause tenderness in the pelvis. A pinched nerve called sciatica can result in the back of the hip becoming painful. This pain can begin in the lower back and go to the legs and buttocks.