5 Things To Do If Your Adwords Campaigns Aren’t Converting

5 Things To Do If Your Adwords Campaigns Aren’t Converting

Each click costs a substantial amount of money on Google AdWords, so it’s vital to achieve a high conversion rate. Poor sales don’t necessarily indicate that your offer is unappealing or overpriced. If people click on your AdWords links but rarely make purchases, you can take a variety of steps to fine-tune your campaigns for better results. AdWords delivers quality traffic to companies that fully optimize their keywords and ad text.


Keyword tips

1. Use more specific search keywords and phrases. Most general keywords yield low conversion rates because searchers have many different reasons for using them. For example, only a small number of people who search for “Brazil” or “Brazil history” are interested in buying books about the country. A more restrictive phrase like “books on Brazil” might produce a higher conversion rate. Try to find the right balance; very specific keywords won’t generate enough traffic.

2. Examine your AdWords search terms report to see the phrases that people use to find your ad. Do any of them contain words that don’t apply to your product or service? For instance, Google users might find your high-end watch store by searching for “cheap pocket watches.” This could happen if you use “pocket watches” as a broad match keyword. You can exclude terms like “cheap” or “sweepstakes” by adding negative keywords to your campaign.


Effective ads

3. If you promote your offer on the AdWords Display Network, manually select relevant websites for your ad. This will greatly enhance the quality of the traffic. By default, Google scans Web pages for keywords and automatically chooses ads for them. The problem is that these ad placements are not always accurate. For example, weapon advertisements may inadvertently appear on anti-war websites that contain words like “bullets” and “guns.” Humans can select appropriate ad venues much more effectively than machines.

4. Add more specific facts to the ad text or banner. People will only click your link if the details meet their expectations. For instance, someone who wants a free service won’t click the ad if it contains a price. Consider adding brief information on guarantees, payment methods or shipping options. If customers must travel to your business, include the name of the city in your ad. This ensures that searchers will only click the link if they can travel to your location.


Website issues

5. The best ads and keywords won’t produce a high conversion rate until you optimize your website for sales. Some visitors will go elsewhere if a website proves difficult to navigate or takes a long time to load. When optimizing your site, be sure to test it under all of the major Web browsers. Proofread your sales pitch and verify that it contains a strong call to action. Potential customers are always happier when websites fulfill the expectations that their ads create.

You may need to test a number of different ads, keywords and Web pages before you find the right combination. It is often rather time consuming to develop a successful AdWords campaign. Before they achieve decent conversion rates, many firms waste a great deal of time and money on inefficient campaigns. A more effective option is to hire professionals who specialize in pay-per-click marketing. Professional Adwords Managers have the time and expertise to dramatically boost conversion rates.