5 Things To Know About Working With An Aesthetic Doctor To Correct Pigmentation Issues

5 Things To Know About Working With An Aesthetic Doctor To Correct Pigmentation Issues

Although there are countless home remedies for correction issues with skin pigmentation, working with an aesthetic doctor is always the safest and most effective solution. A seasoned professional can implement a customised treatment plan for correcting these problems in a long-term fashion. Best of all, you can learn skin care strategies for preventing the development of new dark spots and other cosmetic issues. Following are five things that you should know about dark spots and the options in medical treatment that are currently available.


1. Dark spots are the most prominent signs of aging.

Many people are under the mistaken belief that smooth, unlined skin is the hallmark of a youthful visage. In reality, however, dark spots have a far greater impact on facial aesthetics than do fine lines and wrinkles. Working with a reputable professional to even out and balance your skin tone will give you a much more youthful and appealing look overall.


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2. Treatments for dark spots do not have to be invasive.

ipl treatmentsThere are a number of minimally invasive procedures that can be performed to permanently reduce or even eliminate the appearance of dark spots. These include chemical peels, laser treatments and even various forms of light therapy among other things. With these, there is absolutely no cutting involved. Patients can also expect few risks, rapid recoveries and limited side effects. Your provider will assess the nature and severity of your issues and recommend a procedure that is best for you.


3. Controlled skin damage can boost collagen production.

Working with an aesthetic doctor to eliminate dark spots on your face can provide a variety of unexpected benefits. Most procedures for treating these problems involve the use of controlled skin damage. These efforts gently lift away the topmost layers of damaged skin, so that these can be replaced by healthy, new skin cells for a dramatically improved appearance. During the healing process, collagenesis or the process by which new collagen stores are naturally produced is enhanced. This will give the face a fuller and more youthful look as well.




4. Professional treatments are far more effective than store-bought products.

Many people have tried countless serums and potions for reducing their dark spots with minimal effects. A professionally-rendered treatment will have a much greater level of efficacy. For instance, during a micro-needling procedure, some of the top serums for rejuvenating and balancing the dermis will be inserted into the deepest layers of the skin for optimal benefits. This will have a far greater impact on visible blemishes, than will store-bought solutions that are only absorbed into the topmost skin layers.


5. Medical treatments for dark spots can be integrated.

When problems with facial pigmentation are severe, several pigmentation treatments can be safely used together to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. Your provider can use Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) devices in conjunction with a Q-switched laser and several topical therapies. Comprehensive treatment plans such as these can provide greater aesthetic benefits in a shorter period of time.


how ipl works

How IPL works


Achieving a smooth, even complexion will make you look years younger and rebuild your confidence. While you may have experienced limited success with expensive, over-the-counter treatments for dark spots, a reputable, experienced professional can produce far more dramatic results. Best of all, when you work with a qualified doctor, you can reach your cosmetic goals without risking serious skin damage.