5 Useful Tips On Vinyl Floor Cleaning

5 Useful Tips On Vinyl Floor Cleaning

A clean home creates a peaceful haven for the entire family. Freshly washed floors give the appearance of a healthy, well-kept home. When it comes to flooring, vinyl is an economical and durable choice. Available in a wide range of design selections, there is a vinyl floor for every décor.

Proper care of vinyl floors will increase their longevity and improve the appearance of the entire home. Keep in mind a few tips to care for vinyl flooring with ease.


1. Use doormats at each entrance.

Sand and grit are easily tracked on shoes into the home. Excess grit on the floor can easily scratch the surface of the vinyl. Placement of doormats outside and inside each entryway can prevent dirt from entering the home.


2. Leave shoes at the door.

Removing shoes upon entering the home prevents dirt and pesticides from being tracked inside. A simple basket or tray can be placed in the doorway to collect shoes.


3. Sweep or vacuum regularly.

Despite efforts made at the entryways to prevent dirt, a little soil will always make its way indoors. It is important to remove this dirt as well as other debris generated from within the home. This can be achieved through gentle sweeping or vacuuming with a floor vacuum. The bagless vacuum in an iRobot Scooba 390 is an effortless way to remove debris from vinyl floors.


4. Gentle cleansers are best for mopping.

After removing loose debris, it is important to wash the floor to prevent soil and spills from creating a sticky, unpleasant surface. Most vinyl floors are cleaned effectively with simple cleaners such as warm water or a water and vinegar solution. Natural enzyme cleaners can also be used. Harsh cleansers should be avoided as they can remove the beautiful luster of the vinyl surface. For those too busy to mop regularly, the iRobot Scooba 390 Vacuums, washes and squeegees the entire floor using sensor technology. This convenient tool utilizes a variety of mild cleansers, including plain water, to sanitize the floor.


5. Avoid items that can damage the vinyl.

Rolling chairs, carts and furniture with sharp casters can damage a vinyl floor and should be avoided. To prevent tearing and scratching the vinyl surface, use caution when moving furniture across the floor. It is a good idea to use pads under the legs of any heavy furniture.

Proper care can extend the life of vinyl flooring and sustain a beautiful appearance for many years. Ease of care, affordability and a wide selection of designs make vinyl the perfect choice for a flooring material.