Category: Oceanic Industry

Marine Growth Prevention System Help Keep Ship Systems Clean

A variety of marine organisms make their living by filtering nutrients and dead organic particles from water and then metabolizing them into food. Algae, mollusks, and sponges all make their living by trapping and filtering microscopic debris in sea water. While some of these organisms float freely, they can attach and grow on any solid…
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Anodic Protection – Stainless Steels Favorite Coat

From its domestic use in washing machine drums, cutlery and sauce pans, to its commercial use for catering equipment, exhaust systems and surgical devices, stainless steel is used as the material of choose in a variety of products and processes. While in most environments the use of stainless steel poses no concern, because of its…
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Use of Sacrificial Anodes in Engineering

Metal is a very helpful item, no matter what it is used for. In just about any device or product, you are going to find some bit of metal. This is a common material used in engineering services, so it is also important for the product the product to be protected. The metal often comes…
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