Hot vs Cold Finger Foods – Which Suits Your Event Better?

Hot vs Cold Finger Foods – Which Suits Your Event Better?


Finger foods are some of the easiest foods to prepare and have prepared for any event. They are ideal in the summer months due to the fact that most guests will prefer to eat light. They are ideal for those party goers who have to stick to a budget and they are ideal for almost any occasion. Plus, most catering services in Sydney are experts with their finger food recipes. The main question that a host is left with is whether they want to serve hot or cold finger foods.

Hot finger foods can include many different types of finger food catering choices from the well- loved chicken recipes to some unique wedding finger food specialties. Yes, these hot foods may require onsite ovens and microwaves to keep the foods at their unique temperatures. Many of these foods will also include their own hot dipping sauces. Some of the guests may prefer classier type of finger foods if the event or occasion is a bit on the classy side or if one is hosting a corporate catering type event. However, if the event is small like an office catering event or a more personal at home event, cold finger foods may be adequate to serve your guests.

Cold finger foods can include ham and cheese sandwiches, pigs in a blanket, chicken salad sandwiches, tuna salad sandwiches and cheese bites. These can be served with a nice cold beverage such as lemonade. They can be catered or they can be easily prepared by the host.

Scrumptious cold finger foods will require a cool place for the food to reside. This can include a refrigerator or cool trays. One can help ensure that the trays are cool by keeping them in a freezer or a refrigerator prior to placing the finger foods on them. Plus, one should not allow the foods to lie on these trays for long periods, especially in warm weather. Once people are done eating, the foods need to be refrigerated, properly.

One can ensure that they do not have to handle the foods or worry about the heating or cooling process of the foods, by hiring a finger food company to handle the catering services. This can include a type of spit roast catering service. When one is hiring any type of catering service, they should be clear on their exact needs.

This would include telling the catering company the type of finger foods they want, starting with their choice of hot or cold finger foods. Then they should listen to the choices they have from the catering menu. Once the menu, has been selected, one should tell the cater how many guests they plan on serving, the date of when they need the food. Finally, the cater needs to know the address of where the food should be delivered and whether the hosts want the cater to handle the serving and clean up detail for the night.

Of course, costs should also be discussed. The customer and the cater should be clear on what this event will cost, and both should understand the breakdown of these costs. This is the only way to ensure that both will be happy when the night ends.

Yes, finger foods, whether they are being served hot or cold, can be a winning food choice for many events. They are ideal for casual parties with friends, for that wedding reception, for that office party with all the corporate executives and for those summer pool parties. Did you know how to put on the perfect catering service for your events? Hop over here to find out more.