How Cloud Hosting Can Benefit Your Business

How Cloud Hosting Can Benefit Your Business

Cloud hosting benefits businesses in one key way: saving money. This is because cloud hosting allows companies to save on computing, storage, maintenance, and personnel resources.

Cloud hosting allows a business to hire the services of a web hosting and/or email hosting company to provide the resources required for that company’s web site, email, and/or data storage via the web. The “cloud” represents the fact that a company is not literally running the software or storing the data, depending on the type of cloud hosting service used. This eliminates the company’s need for dedicated servers, information technology experts, and in some cases, applications. The company simply needs a domain registration if this service is not offered by the cloud hosting company, though in many cases it is. The cloud hosting service has the hardware, software, and maintenance procedures in place needed to keep a web site active and up-to-date on the Internet and can even offer email service and other applications via reseller hosting.

Web hosting companies have proven procedures in place for recovering from disasters, ensuring a company’s services and website are always available. Fall-back servers are set up in disparate locations to ensure customers do not lose service even in the event of a mega natural disaster. This saves a huge amount of networking, hardware, and planning dollars over companies that set up their own disaster recovery procedures and infrastructure.

In addition, with cloud hosting, back-ups are a thing of the past. Back-ups are available to customers at any given time with reasonable notice. This usually involves a simple process of making an Internet request to restore data to a particular date or time.

In many cases lately, software as a service (SaaS) companies, which are companies that basically rent their services via the web, use cloud hosting companies to keep their web services available and to store their clients’ data. An example of a SaaS service is a technical library or search engine. The service provided by the cloud hosting company is invisible to users. For example, a SaaS company may have developed the methodology for storing and retrieving library artifacts. That same SaaS company may have even developed the software required to store and retrieve the artifacts, but may not have the infrastructure in place for storage and back-ups. This is where a cloud hosting company can be the best solution. The SaaS sells its service to customers, i.e., access to artifacts, while the cloud hosting company provides the infrastructure, back-ups, and disaster recovery plan to keep the data current and safe. Check out here for additional web and cloud hosting services that can benefit your business.

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