How To Answer The Minimum Salary Question in an Interview

How To Answer The Minimum Salary Question in an Interview


Everyone dreads the salary question during an interview. Whether you’re looking for careers in Singapore or anywhere else in the world, a potential employer or recruitment company will want to know what your minimum salary requirement is. Knowing how to answer this question correctly may land you the job of your dreams. Before answering the minimum salary question in an interview, you will likely go through the following questions first:

How Much Did You Make at Your Previous Job?

This is a common question that potential employers ask during interviews. If you don’t want to undersell yourself or make it seem like your salary is out of reach, the best answer may be ” Let’s talk about what the job expectations are first, as they might not be the same as my previous job”. This open-ended answer is perfect because it says that you don’t want to disrespect your potential employer by saying you are potentially worth way more than what they may offer you.
I Need to Know a Salary Range So I Can Make You an Offer

While this question may not be as common as the other ones included in this list, you may run into it sometime during your job search.

A direct response will be sufficient for this question, such as “Let me know how much you’ve budgeted for this position and we can go from there”. This is a great response because it gets directly to the point and leaves some extra room for negotiation later on.
What Minimum Salary Are You Looking For?

This all important question is often the difference between a job offer and a swift kick out the door. Luckily, if you don’t know what to expect in this situation, you can give them an indirect answer that shows them you have respect both for yourself and for the company. If you’re looking for a job that’s within your specific salary range, the best answer is “I am really looking for a job that’s a good fit for me. I’m sure whatever salary you choose will be sufficient enough for the position”.

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