How to Drive Traffic to Your New Online Store

How to Drive Traffic to Your New Online Store

It is harder than ever to get the modern customer to pay attention to your business, especially if you are not yet established online. The advantage of the modern online landscape is that everything you need to sell online is readily available.

The Internet is the one medium left that allows small upstart businesses to compete with multinational corporations. Everything from your web design template to your sales card can be obtained for relatively little money, sometimes no money at all up front. All of this is useless, however, if you cannot drive traffic to your store.

In order to drive traffic to your online store, you will need many techniques working at once.


Search engine optimization

The major search engines control the websites that are seen in those that are not seen. Google in particular has a huge market share over the advertising that gets into the right places. You have to play ball with them in order to be seen by anyone outside of your local area.

Search engine optimization includes content marketing, proper syncing and coding within your website and keyword research to find your niche within the online market. Each of these subjects have entire books written on them; however, you may begin an effective traffic redirect by organizing the data that is on your website in a well-written way.





Social media marketing

The major social media websites, Facebook and twitter among them, play just as large a role in the amount of web traffic that you can redirect to your website without spending millions of dollars. Social media is the new word-of-mouth. There is nothing better for a business than to have pictures with customers and the owner of the business on Facebook.

Business owners must also engage their customer base on social media. Six out of 10 consumers expect a response to a critique that is posted on Facebook. Less than a quarter of businesses actually do this. There is a huge gap that is waiting to be filled with companies who take social media seriously.




Review websites

Major review websites such as Yelp can also play a great role in redirecting traffic your way. These websites have made virtual stars out of amateur critics who take great pride in providing great detail about the businesses that they patronize. These reviewers as well as bloggers in your industry serve as taste makers who, if on your side, can make it much easier to drive traffic your way.

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