How To Make Your Own Tropical Flower Corsage

How To Make Your Own Tropical Flower Corsage

Tropical flowers make great corsages. There are many places and different countries you can buy these flowers. For instance, you can buy flowers in Asia. They have beautiful flowers. Wrist corsages are fashionable at many formal and semi-formal events. You can save money by making your corsages. Here are some steps on how to make flower corsages:

 Decide on the color scheme. You want to stick with colors that complement each other. Look at the colors of the suit or dress. You want to make sure your theme matches properly. If it is for prom, think about utilizing the school colors. You can take a look at an interior design color wheel to help you out. Select the colors that are opposite from each other on the wheel such blue and orange. Yellow and purple are another example.


Flower Color Scheme

 Select the kind of flowers you would like. You can pick them from the garden or purchase them. Choose the flowers that are completely blooming. Let them stay in water before you make the corsage. Depending on their size, plan three to five blooms. Sturdy flowers can hold up to some wear. At the end of the night, they will look better than delicate flowers. For instance, a tulip is a delicate flower. Some popular choices of flowers to choose from are cymbidium, lilies, orchids, daises, and roses as well.

  Select a filler flower. This is an accent to the primary flowers. This flower adds fullness to the overall corsage. It highlights the color as well. These types of flowers are eucalyptus, baby’s breath (gypsophila), and fern leaves.

Corsage  Select your wristband. The flowers are the key event, but the way you anchor your corsage is really important. Some of the options you can try are to make a band out coordinating lace or ribbon, buy a corsage bracelet, or choose any band that fits your wrist just right.

  Select coordinating trinkets. This is an option. An accent on your wrist corsage can be eye catching and can also personalize your corsage. You can use lace, pearls, or bracelet charms.

  Cut the stems of the flower short. Under the bud, leave around a 1/2 to 1 inch. Wire cutters or scissors can be used to cut the stems equally. Wire can be added to any flowers with stems that are cut too short.

  Bind each of the flower stems with tape and floral wire – This makes bending the flowers easier. Begin from the top of the stems. Then work your way to the bottom. Wrap the tape diagonally. Cover the stems completely with the floral tape.

  Gather the base of the corsage – Tape the main flowers in a bundle together diagonally. In a separate bundle, tape the filler flowers diagonally. Use the florist wire to bind the two bundles together. If you have any trinkets, you can attach them with the wire.

  Put the band between the two sections. 

  Make a bow out of the ribbon. 

 ✿ Connect the bow with the band and flowers. 

   ✿   Tips: Make carnation corsage for Mother’s Day!