How to Style A Modern Living Room

How to Style A Modern Living Room

For those wanting to update their living room and transform it into a more comfortable space, there are many different ways to add plenty of decor and style to the room. Between bold curtains to elegant furniture items, it’s easy to transform the environment with a few steps.




Use Bold Prints

Bold prints are often used in modern living rooms as a great way to add several focal points to the space and create an attractive look. Pillows should have bold prints and appear slightly mismatched for an eclectic touch that uses new types of fabric.

Curtains can also have bold prints, between large stripes to chevron print, for a look that will stand out in the room and dress up the space. You can also hang the curtain rod as high as possible to elongate the wall and make the room appear larger.


Bold Print Pillow




Modern Lighting Options

Modern lighting is one of the best ways to set the style of a living room and can easily decorate the space with attractive and original pieces. For table lamps, use shades that are round or rectangular for a vintage, but modern touch to the room. Purchase lucite lamps or lamps with distressed wood for plenty of balance with the decor with the textures used.

Crackled mirrored lamps can also be used, as well as stainless steel, for a trendy and chic way to furnish with different lighting options.


Modern Living Room Lamp


Add a Coffee Table Tray

Decorative and sleek trays on the coffee table are a common accessory for modern living rooms, used to promote organization and hold a number of items beautifully. Decorate the tray with a cozy Voluspa candle and a stack of magazines or books. These trays can also hold a framed photo or a small flower vase full of succulents. Avoid placing too many items on the tray for a clutter-free space that is still functional.



Coffee table tray


Incorporate Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored side tables and mirrored TV stands create an elegant and trendy look for the living room to break up the overall appearance with a unique item that is a bit vintage, but still modern. You can even buy TV cupboards with MIRRORS! to install on a TV stand that is currently in the room to easily update the look without having to purchase new furniture.


Mirrored TV Stand


Use an Upholstered Chair

Add an upholstered chair to the living room for both decorative use and to provide extra seating when hosting guests. Upholstered chairs are one of the most popular types of modern living room furniture for a cozy way of furnishing the space with a number of patterns available. Opt for a bold pattern or shade that complements the surroubnding furniture with ease without blending in too easily or going unnoticed. The chair will work as one of the main focal points in the room for an easy way to make the room look larger by placing it in a corner or next to a couch.


Upholstered Chair for living room