Is Music Important In Schools?

Is Music Important In Schools?

Many cultures stress math, science, and reading. Subjects like music are looked at as enrichments and unimportant. Often, it is the first to go when budget cuts are necessary. Some even question why kids should be taught music at school in the first place. Research on music education has shown that music seems to be important in many ways.


♫ Discipline

For younger children, it can be hard to follow cues and directions. Music helps with these skills. As students grow, they are able to participate in organized music clubs like orchestra or chorus. These groups require a tremendous amount of time and dedication.


♫ Creativity

One of the most cited benefits of music is creativity and self-expression. When children learn the rules to follow in music, they have the confidence to make music of their own. Music can encourage language development and writing. Younger children explore rhyming words and rhythms with music. It gives them a way to express themselves and feel proud of what they create.


♫ Math

Some people may not know the connection that music has with math. Rhythm is all about fractions and counting. Students can understand that two half notes equal one whole note. This helps them with these important math skills later on.


♫ Opportunities

Belonging to a music organization allows students to be involved in many other activities. These groups often travel to other cities, meet other students, and participate in competitions. They also have summer camps that focus only on music. Even career opportunities are expanded with music. Special schools all around the world are devoted to music. The International College of Music is one example. You can see this music school in Malaysia has a variety of majors relating to music including the business side. Without a background in music, this opportunity would not be an option. Music is something kids can do all the way into their old age, unlike many sports.


♫ Performance

Not everyone can perform in front of a crowd. Adults who have never had to be in this situation may not realize how difficult it is. When students are exposed to school musicals and other performances, they become more comfortable and confident. They are better able to maintain their composure in this situation. Also, they have more empathy towards other people who are in front of crowds.


♫ Inclusion

As the saying goes, “kids can be cruel.” In high school, band and chorus provide outlets for likeminded people to hang out with each other. Kids can sometimes feel alienated when they are not part of the “in” crowd. Being in a group makes them feel like they are a part of something bigger.

Music in school is very important. The positive effect music has on children of all ages is proof of that. Whether academic, emotional, or social, the benefits of music enrich children’s lives like nothing else can.


Music Education Infographic