Job Interview Etiquette – Tips to Land That Job

Job Interview Etiquette – Tips to Land That Job

You walk into an elegant office. You are invited to sit down in front of a desk that is longer than your dining room table. The person on the other side of the desk has a very stern look on his/her face. They ask you a lot of questions about the job that you say you want. Five minutes later you are walking down the street. That job interview failed. Why? Let’s go back two hours and walk you through the preparation. You failed for 3 big reasons, and they all come down to job interview etiquette:
1. Your clothing
2. Your method of communication
3. Your attitude about yourself.

Now, let’s take these items one at a time, and get that job. Whether you are looking for sales jobs, finance jobs, marketing jobs or hr jobs, the etiquette is all the same. If you don’t look, feel and communicate the person with job potential, you are lost before you get started.

Your clothing is number one. Just like the casting call in a movie. If you don’t look the part of the character you want to be, you will remain unemployed.

You must look like a person who could step into any of the jobs mentioned earlier; finance jobs, sales jobs, marketing jobs or hr jobs. If you don’t look like the person who could start at that moment, forget it.

Next comes your method of communication. You will never land the job with answers like; “Yep”, “Yeah”, or the worst reply; “I ain’t got none”. If you don’t use proper English, don’t bother talking at all. Pretend you are sick and can’t talk. That would be better than talking to the interviewer like you are someone from the street.

Finally we come to your attitude about yourself. If they are offering any finance jobs, sales jobs, marketing jobs or hr jobs, and you don’t exude self confidence and an attitude of self betterment, don’t bother showing up for the interview at all. Your only job, at a job interview, is to make the interviewer know, that you are the only person in the world, who can do the job the way the company wants it done. I am not exaggerating in any way. You must convince the interviewer that, if they hire anyone else for this job, it will be the biggest mistake the company could make. Good luck on job hunting. Remember, just be yourself, your super self.

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