Male Pattern Baldness Tips/Guide

Male Pattern Baldness Tips/Guide

Beating Baldness

Many different things can cause hair loss, but male pattern baldness is usually about the luck of the genetic draw. If you’re suffering with thinning hair, know that you’re not alone. Fifty percent of men over 50 experience male pattern baldness and some men are affected as young as age 35. If you’re hair is thinning in places other than the crown of your head and temples, you may have an underlying health problem. If your baldness is male pattern all the way, there are ways to combat the problem.


Get a New Shampoo

Shampoos that contain ketoconazole are know to reduce the amount of testosterone present in hair follicles to keep them producing hair. Studies have shown that a 1 percent ketoconazole shampoo reduced hair shedding by 17 percent. Many shampoos will promise you results, but only those with this ingredient will deliver.



Watch Your Diet

It seems there is no human malady that can’t be improved with some exercise and a healthy diet, and hair loss is no exception. To keep your hair as long as possible, skip the fired foods and those that contains large amounts of sugar. Instead, focus on eating foods rich in the biotin and protein your hair needs. If you’re not getting enough of these nutrients in your diet, hair vitamins and hair supplements can help you fill the gaps.



Get Outside

Studies conducted in 1967 on the affects sunlight had on shaved mice yielded unexpected results when their hair started to grow back more quickly than normal. Since then, doctors have been using light therapy to stimulate hair growth in balding men. You can get light treatments from your doctor or at many hair restoration clinics, or you can purchase a home device that can be tucked under a baseball cap where it will shower your dome with light.



Visit the Clinic

Many clinics now exist solely to help people coping with hair loss. Medications are available to slow hair loss and transplants have come a long way, now looking and feeling just like your natural hair. In some cases, your own hair is used in the procedure. These treatments are worth pursuing if your baldness is impacting your self-esteem and making you lose confidence, and they are very effective.

Whatever treatment you try, remember that all take time to work. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see hair right away. It can take a month or two for some treatments to start working. A little bit of patience may provide big rewards.