Pitfalls and Risks in Renting Offices

Pitfalls and Risks in Renting Offices

If you are an entrepreneur, founder of a non-profit agency, or microbusiness owner who is just getting started, you will quickly encounter a challenge common to most new organizations: the need to rent office space. You may think that renting an office is a simple thing, but it’s not. There are potentially difficult issues involved in any office rental experience. These are some of the most common ones:

✔ Locations and access
✔ Many options in different types of buildings
✔ Rental pricing and lease terms
✔ Amenities and services, utilities, furnishings, and security

You have to decide precisely where you need to locate your office. There’s no guarantee rental offices are available in the part of town you’d most prefer for your office location, or it may be that what’s available there is out of your price range. You’ll have to allow yourself plenty of time to look around and find the right place. The office you choose needs to be accessible, too. Your clients must be able to find it readily and get to it easily (this includes parking availability). Also, this accessibility issue involves your being able to access your rented office whenever you need to, night or day, weekdays or weekends, without undue restrictions or delays.

You’ll find that rental offices are available in a wide variety of buildings, and in a wide variety of layouts and sizes. What is best for your business may involve a certain look or style of building or office. Some office buildings are very formal and institutional in appearance. Some are huge structures, some are small. More informal settings (say, in houses converted for office space and business operations) are also available. Do you need windows in your office? That will also impact your choice of a given office building and layout.

The rent for some offices is calculated on an amount-per-square-foot basis. Other offices’ rent is simply a flat amount. The rental agreement or lease may contain terms that add cost (e.g., security deposits, parking space fees, etc.). Also, the lease could restrict things like smoking, door key duplication, and so forth. You must have a firm grasp of these pricing and lease issues. Furthermore, you have to know for sure what utilities expenses you’ll incur under the lease, and what amenities and services are available. Do you need furnished office space, receptionist service, security alarm protection, or conference room access? Does the building owner charge extra for these things?

Your difficulty in choosing is heightened by the fact that you may not have time to shop around, sift through all the options and choices, and make the contacts needed to secure the right rental office arrangement. You should consider whether office rental companies can help you with this process. An office rental company can do most of the footwork for you and greatly ease your decision making. Check out Servcorp for more details on how such a service can help you in successfully renting an office.

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