Pros and Cons of Wood and Plastic Containers

Pros and Cons of Wood and Plastic Containers

When looking for storage containers of containers to use for packing things, most people choose to use either cardboard boxes, wood crates or plastic containers. All of these items have advantages and disadvantages to their use.

Plastic vs Wood

The most obvious drawback to using a wooden box is the materials ability to absorb moisture. If the boxes are going to be used to store items for any length of time, they will not protect the items packed inside from mold and mildew. Even the wood itself can begin to form mold on its surface if left in an area where moisture levels are high.

For long term storage a plastic container such as a corrugated box, is a much better choice. The plastic is impenetrable so moisture cannot affect the items stored inside. Of course, the lid of the container needs to be properly sealed in order to keep moisture out. Another advantage to using a plastic container over a wooden crate is their durability. Wood can weaken over time which could cause the panels of the crate to splinter or break. On the other hand, wood can be painted or stained so it can be designed to blend into the d├ęcor of a room better. A wooden bin used for media storage would be more attractive than one made of plastic.

Environmental Considerations and Use

Corrugated plastic containers may be able to be recycled, but the factors involved in the production of plastic and the process used for recycling are less friendly for the environment. Wood on the other hand, is a natural resource, which can also be reused and takes less time to break down when discarded. Products made of wood are less taxing on the planet’s natural resources and do not contribute to the problems of pollution. You may find out the details of this topic at this site:

The corrugated plastic boxes are usually more durable and less expensive than wood. A corrugated box made of plastic can also be molded into a variety of shapes for use with more applications than a wooden crate or box. Plastic bins come with handles molded into the front making them easy to move back and forth when placed on a shelf or rack. A plastic corrugated box is often used to hold supplies or documents in an office setting.


While there are definite uses for both wood and plastic, the versatility of plastic makes the boxes made with it more suitable for a variety of uses.

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