Secrets to Achieving a V-Shaped Face for Women With Round Cheeks

Secrets to Achieving a V-Shaped Face for Women With Round Cheeks

Women of every ethnicity are starting to become aware of the attractiveness of a V shape face. One of the most popular new cosmetic surgeries in eastern Asian countries is the v-shaped face lift, which can take many forms, depending on the original shape of the face. It’s not necessary to opt for surgery to achieve the elongated contours increasingly sought after by women on just about every continent. You can use beauty products specifically designed to minimize a square jaw and flat features and accentuate cheekbones and eyes, giving your face the appearance of a model or actress. While this beauty craze may have originated in Asia, women in Europe and North America agree that having a tapered jaw and big, bright eyes is a strikingly beautiful look that gives them confidence and charisma.


Best Products to Use for Achieving a V Shape Face

All of the top-name beauty companies make a product that acts like a foundation that you put on before applying bronzer, eye shadow and other accents. When shopping for a contouring base, it’s usually best to stick with the brands you’ve heard of because off-brand products can contain chemicals that give you an allergic reaction and make your face red and puffy. Therefore, stick with products made by the big-name suppliers like Revlon, Maybelline, L’oreal and others, and you should be good to go.


Taking Care of Your Health and Looking Your Best

Another point that needs to be made regarding these facial creams is that you need to minimise your puffiness through natural means before trying to change how you look with makeup. To begin with, you need to drink a lot of water to reduce water retention in your face. If it sounds counter-intuitive to drink more water when trying to rid your body of excess water, the reason for doing so is that you will encourage your body to begin flushing out retained water and toxins that have been trapped in your skin and soft tissue. Drinking water not only flushes out the fluids trapped in your body, it cleanses the contaminants trapped there as well, helping you look fresher and more clear-eyed. Part of the v-shaped look depends on having big, round, clear, dewy eyes.


Why Surgery Is Not the Only Option

You shouldn’t think of surgery as the first course of action when trying to look more v-shaped. There are risks to consider when opting for surgery, not to mention the exorbitant cost and length of time of recovery. Still, many women won’t be satisfied until they go under the knife, and there’s no way to talk them out of making this choice. The truth is, surgery can dramatically change your appearance, and if you have a prominent, square jawline, it may be necessary to reduce it surgically to get the look you’re going for. However, if you are such a woman, it can certainly be equally as rewarding and satisfying to find a look that suits your natural beauty, rather than forcing your appearance to conform to other women’s ideal.

Another method women use to give their faces the appearance of elongation is to shape their bangs in such a way as to minimise the roundness of their cheeks. Take a look at pictures of famous women with heart-shaped faces, such as Reese Witherspoon, and pay attention to the photos of them with cropped hair. Their stylists know just how to give their hair volume and shape to flatter their faces without resorting to surgery. Getting a v shape face isn’t necessarily cheap, but it doesn’t have to break the bank, check further details here: