Smart Career Moves: Growing Areas of Legal Practice

Smart Career Moves: Growing Areas of Legal Practice

The legal world is evolving, and many new practice areas are quickly popping up to serve the populace. For students who are about to graduate from law school, it’s important to understand all of these practice areas. Growing areas provide opportunity for those students to make an immediate impact if they can gain the required knowledge while in school (also see Boost Your Law Career By Selecting A Reputable Law School). With that in mind, what are these areas of legal practice?

Criminal law 
You may not believe that criminal law is one of the growing areas of legal practice, especially since criminal lawyers have seemingly been around for centuries. More people continue to be arrested, though, in the age of mass incarceration. This leads to many opportunities for people who have the guts to practice criminal defense.

Energy law 
Around the world, more lawyers are seeing opportunity in the legal energy field. This is true both with oil and with new types of energy. Companies contract to buy, sell, and trade energy, and in order to complete these deals, they need good lawyers. Since these fields were not as popular when many of today’s older lawyers went to school, young lawyers have a chance to take full advantage of the new business. Energy law can be lucrative, and it figures to be a sustainable industry that carries on into the future.

Commercial litigation 
For those students who take business courses in college, commercial litigation is not too much of a stretch. This is a growing practice area in the modern world, as the crowded business market means that more companies are bumping into one another. When disputes happen, companies file lawsuits. Good lawyers both defend clients and serve on behalf of plaintiffs in these lawsuits. The money in this field is attractive to many young attorneys, and that’s why this practice area is often one of the most popular for newly graduated students.

Intellectual Property Law 
Any student who gets information off of can attest that intellectual property law is growing very quickly. This practice area involves a number of different things. It might involve the prosecution of patents, and it might involve litigating disputes between companies. Technology is becoming increasingly important in the modern age. This means that more companies are trying to stay on the cutting edge. When they infringe the rights of other companies, attorneys are there to sort out the problems. This field of law often requires attorneys to have some background in science or engineering, and this can make intellectual property law a tough field to enter for the average graduate.

Many legal practice areas continue to grow. Students coming out of school today have many opportunities, and they are limited only by their inability to see these things. For those who want to practice criminal law, energy law, commercial litigation, or intellectual property, the opportunities are especially prevalent. As more students find that specializing is the best way to move ahead in the field, these students will be better able to make an impact in the changing legal world.