Sports Marketing and Sports Sponsorships

Sports Marketing and Sports Sponsorships

Sports marketing and sports sponsorship refers to a number of different types of marketing options, including the sponsoring of leagues, stadia and sports athletes and teams. Sports marketing can also refer to the marketing of a sport to people at a grassroots level to increase the participation of the general public in a particular sport or physical activity. Most deals between companies and sports teams and athletes are brokered by sports marketing companies.

Many sports teams and athletes source individual sponsorship deals with companies who may be associated with their sport or activity and in other cases companies from a completely different field. In Europe, the majority of professional soccer and rugby teams are sponsored by companies from the business sector; each shirt worn by professional players and replica uniforms sold to fans carry a large sponsors name on the front and sometimes the rear of a shirt. The success of a sports team therefore becomes associated with the sponsor despite sponsors usually being either large stores or financial institutions.

The sponsorship of a league or stadium by a company is another common way of raising brand awareness to fans and television spectators watching a sport as often organized by sports marketing firms. Long term deals to sponsor leagues, associations and stadia may cost in the millions of dollars for multi year deals but can raise the awareness of a brand amongst the general public and raise income levels. Sports teams and associations also benefit with an increase in revenue and when a multi year deal is reached financial security can be achieved.

Sports stars and athletes are often described as being driven by money in the 21st century. By taking part in a grassroots marketing campaign athletes and sports teams can give back to local and global communities by attempting to increase participation levels. Although these types of campaigns rarely provide a financial benefit for the sports team, athlete, sports association or sports marketing agencies involved. However, the reputation of all involved is increased within a community by charitable and grassroots events.

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