Tasty and Creative Milo Powder Food Suggestions

Tasty and Creative Milo Powder Food Suggestions



Making a Beverage Out of Milo

Milo chocolate powder is a beloved product that’s often blended with milk, cold or hot water in order to create a drink. People all around the planet regularly indulge in Milo. Whether you combine it with low fat milk which you easily purchase via online or with hot water, the result should be tasty and satisfying, to say the least. While many people enjoy Milo on its own, it’s also a popular ingredient in various delectable and easy recipes.




Add Some Flair to Your Bowl of Oats

If you’re noshing on oats and find that they taste a little dull, give them some pizzazz by adding two tablespoons of Milo to them. For some extra excitement and taste, introduce fresh fruit or toasted nuts to the mix. Pieces of strawberry can work like a charm in a bowl of classic oats. This Milo porridge will have you smiling in delight after you eat it.



Prepare Your Poached Eggs in Tasty Milo Powder

Feel free to be somewhat unconventional when you prepare classic meals using Milo. Your taste buds will thank you for your adventurousness later on. Prepare your meal of poached eggs in — you totally guessed it — Milo powder. Just begin with the powder, condensed milk, hot water and a couple eggs and go from there.




Make Homemade Ice Cream Using Milo

If you have a strong craving for something sweet and icy and have a little time on your side, prepare homemade ice cream using the wonders of Milo powder. The malt and chocolate taste of the powder can make a refreshing taste sensation. All you need is Milo, milk chocolate, brown sugar, salt, egg yolks, heavy cream and milk and you’re ready to go! This is the ultimate summertime treat but can work at any point of the year too. As long as you want something treat, this idea should satisfy.




Prepare a Platter of Milo Brownies

The only thing that can make normal brownies taste even better is the addition of Milo powder. If you eat Milo brownies with some vanilla ice cream, you can take the whole experience to a new level of wonderful. The necessary ingredients, apart from Milo, include butter, sugar, eggs, salt, plain flour, cocoa powder and baking powder.




Create a Delicious Spread Using Milo

Blend sweetened condensed milk and Milo powder together to prepare a sweetly satisfying spread that you can put over a toasted bread slice. If you’re in the mood to chow down on something quick, filling and sweet, this easy idea can be a great option for you. Just make sure you have whole wheat or white bread, Milo powder in abundance and sweetened condensed milk and you’re all set. When you put the Milo spread on your bread, don’t hesitate to put a lot of it on — the more the merrier.


Be Creative

If you’re creative and use your imagination, Milo powder can be a lovely addition to many scrumptious dessert, snack and breakfast recipes. Head into your kitchen now to explore your many fine choices.


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