The Best Ways to Use Toilet Paper Tubes for Organising and Fun Projects

The Best Ways to Use Toilet Paper Tubes for Organising and Fun Projects

While it’s great to recycle paper and plastic products, it can be more fun to reuse and repurpose packaging like toilet paper rolls into something that can be used around the house. Save those tubes for some fun, crafty storage projects or decorating ideas.



Organising Wires

You can paint the paper tubes and label them to slip over extension cords or the tangle of wires behind your computer desk. Whether you get incredibly crafty or keep them plain and simple, paper tubes are a great organisational tool to gather loose wires.



Desk Items or Craft Supplies

Instead of searching for the perfect pen holder or paper clip cup, you can create your own desk caddy. All you’ll need is a few paper tubes and an empty box of the correct size. Cut one tube in half for the front containers. Decorate the tubes with paint, markers or washi tape and glue them to the bottom of the empty box. Don’t forget to decorate the box too. It’s a great way to organise your desk in a style that fits you perfectly.



Quilled Wall Art

Quilling involves taking strips of paper, gluing and shaping them to form intricate designs. From butterflies to leaves and flowers, you can create beautiful quilled art with paper tubes.



Cut the tubes at one inch intervals. After cutting one inch circles, shape the parts into leaf shapes by pinching the ends, or cut them again to create curls and glue the curls to another surface. You’re only limited by your imagination. After you’ve created your masterpiece, you can spray paint it black to look like an intricate scroll of wrought iron art.

make a flower by using toilet paper roll

Bird Feeder

This is a great project for the kids in your home. Poke a hole in your paper tube and insert a piece of twine or yarn. Spread a thick layer of peanut butter on the tube and roll it in bird seed. Kids will love the messiness of this project, but they can also spend hours finding the perfect tree to hang their feeder. Birds will love the bird feeder too.

tutorial on making a bird feeder

Scary Halloween Decorations



If you want to really scare trick-or-treaters this year, you could cut eye holes in a few paper rolls, attach them to a piece of cardboard and insert glow sticks into the tubes. Slide the tubes into the bushes to scare people coming to your house this year. The eyes could be silly, scary or demonic depending on the shape of the eyes and the colour of the glow sticks.


There are hundreds of things you can do with the tubes from your toilet paper. Start saving them and try out these fun, decorative ideas. With a little imagination, you could come up with a dozen more ideas too. Buy amazing toilet paper @ Redmart.