The Difference between SMO and SEO

The Difference between SMO and SEO

Those who are interested in the field of internet marketing are very aware about the power of SEO, but they are not as equally informed about the other marketing acronyms that they may use to benefit their business ventures. For example, not everyone knows how important SMO can be, and how SMO techniques may be used to boost a business’ rate of sales. Here are some information that you should understand about Search Engine Optimization and about Social Media Optimizations, all of which will help you use these two techniques for their full benefits. With these nuggets of wisdom, you should be able to employ these two techniques and make them work for your business.

SEO or search engine optimization, is mainly about the use of certain keyword techniques to make certain website pages as visible different search engines as possible. These techniques are mainly employed to increase the chances that a certain web page will appear as one of the top ranking results when a market member searches for certain products and services. These techniques are basically geared toward increasing the possibility that a page will be visited which will, therefore, mean more profit for the site owner. When used correctly, you should be able to gain more visitors who would be interested about your offers and boost your rate of profit.

SMO or social media optimization, on the other hand, refers to the various ways that a site owner may use to generate more traffic using various social media and websites. Since more and more social networking sites have come to be recognized as the powerful marketing venues that they are, more and more business owners have started to use SMO techniques to benefit their businesses as well. As long as you gear yourself with the necessary marketing plan, you should be able to use websites like Facebook and Twitter to benefit your profit-making venture.

There are various techniques that you may use for search engine optimization, the most popular of which are keyword research and link building techniques. Using keyword research, for one, will allow you to use the most commonly searched keywords and phrases for the contents of your website. This means that your pages have higher chances of coming up as result when the members of your markets use Google or Yahoo to search for the products and services that they need. Link building, on the other hand, allows you to create a solid web of links, which will all link back to your site, throughout the World Wide Web.

Unlike SEO, SMO techniques focus more on allowing users to make use of various social networking features to make products and services more visible and accessible to the target market. This means that you would be using site updates and news to educate your market about your offers. If you are more interested in establishing relationships with your customers, then this type of marketing techniques will benefit you better than the various techniques of search engine optimization would.

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