The History Behind Chocolate Drink Brand, Milo

The History Behind Chocolate Drink Brand, Milo

Milo is a nutritional and delicious chocolate malt drink enjoyed throughout the world. Australian inventor and chemist Thomas Mayne created this delicious beverage using Swiss cocoa and local milk and launched this new product at the 1934 Sydney Royal Easter show in Australia. The local production plant for Milo is still in operation today in New South Whales.

Mayne created this product since children during the depression era were not receiving needed nutrients from their daily diet. To keep it fun for kids, Mayne named his nutritional drink after the Greek mythical character Milo, well-known for his legendary strength.

Milo makes milk more nutritious by adding extra nutrients like vitamin B1, vitamin C and iron. As a matter of fact, Milo contains 13 essential nutrients, including magnesium and folate. It also boosts the nutrients in milk by 70 percent. With Milo, kids get what they need to develop strong bones, increase muscle, ramp up immune function, support healthy eyesight and provide energy. It’s also very low in sugar.

Although Milo is manufactured and sold throughout the world, it is extremely popular in Singapore and Malaysia. When Milo was first introduced in Malaysia, it quickly gained the reputation as the must-have beverage for both the young and old. The Milo in both of these countries can be served hot or cold.

Throughout the years, the ingredients of Milo haven’t change, but its marketing and product line have evolved. During the 1970s in Peru, the Milo labels depicted motifs of the country’s animals, plants, history and fruits. By 1980, sports pictures began to dominate the labels. Some manufacturers have also created different versions and varieties of Milo. Although most still retain the malt flavor, some varieties are sweeter than other. Today, consumers can find Milo revamped as nutritious snack bars, yogurt, ice cream and small bites with wholegrain oats. It also is available in yummy flavors, such as French vanilla.

Where can you find Milo? In the United States, this product can easily be found at the ethnic Asian and African grocery stores. In China, Milo can be found in smaller convenience stores along with western supermarkets. Canadians sell Milo in popular places like London Drugs, Extra Foods and Superstore. British can purchase Milo at the popular Tesco and Sainsbury supermarkets. The McDonalds fast food restaurants in Malaysia and Singapore serve it up as Milo ice treats. Alternatively, you can find Milo sold online here.

Without a doubt, the Milo drink is here to stay. Today, there are even Milo apps to help consumers manage wellness, health, nutrition and sports events. Those with an iPhone can upload team scores and connect with others for sports discussions. Although Milo began with humble Aussie roots in the early 1930s, it’s still going strong in the 21st century. The name is firmly associated with good health and healthy lifestyles. The formula of malted barley, milk powder, cocoa, vitamins and minerals all adds up to one delicious and healthy beverage.