The Only 7 Products You Need in Your Makeup Starter Kit

The Only 7 Products You Need in Your Makeup Starter Kit


Makeup starter kits are perfect for teenagers just starting to use makeup, but they’re also useful for adults with more experience. For instance, you may compile or purchase a kit that contains all the basics and use it as a travel set or as a backup collection for your vehicle or office. The following list will identify seven items that you should include in this type of kit. Whether you’re transitioning from the office to a night out or want to give a starter kit to your daughter, these items will meet your needs.


1. Foundation

This is the first thing you put on, and it makes a substantial difference in your overall look. Foundation that is applied unevenly or that doesn’t match your complexion properly can look more like a mask than your natural face, but the right product will highlight your beautiful skin and create a stunning backdrop for the rest of your makeup.

You have many options when selecting foundation:

  • Pressed powder
  • Loose powder
  • Mineral powder
  • Liquid
  • Cream
  • Stick

Some people prefer to use a BB cream with SPF 40 because it can condition and moisturize the skin while concealing blemishes. These creams are tinted and work much like foundation, but they have so many other benefits. Many teenagers and other beginners also find it easier to apply these creams.


2. Blush

Blush does more than add color to your cheeks. It brightens your overall look and helps you create a more natural appearance. It’s important to apply the correct shade for your skin tone. For instance, soft pinks are perfect for fair skin but deeper colors with more bronze are suitable for darker skin. A blush brush or other applicator is needed as well.

3. Eye Shadow

For a small starter kit, select a few neutral eye shadow colors that will look nice with a variety of clothing colors. A more expansive collection of eye shadow allows you to play with creative styles and blend colors to create unique looks, so you may look for an eye shadow set with smaller blocks of various colors. The kit must also include eye shadow applicators.

4. Mascara

Do you want to create the perfect cat eye, add volume to your thin lashes, or create the illusion of larger eyes? There are mascaras on the market for all of these needs plus many more. If you know what look you want to create, you can select the most appropriate product for your starter kit. Otherwise, go with waterproof mascara from a reputable brand.

5. Lipstick, Gloss or Balm

It’s good to have options with lip color because it’s often the final touch that sets off your overall look. A good starter kit will include a couple neutral colors that can go with a variety of color combinations, or a larger kit may include up to six colors.

6. Liners

Standard black eyeliner is a common addition to a makeup starter kit, but you may also consider adding a couple lip liners. Not everyone wants to line their lips, but these are useful options when creating a professional, polished look.

7. Makeup Remover

As fun as it is to put makeup on, you always have to take it off at the end of the day. The most convenient makeup remover options are disposable pads because you don’t have to worry about pouring out a messy liquid.

These seven items are essential whether you’re getting ready for the day at home or are taking your kit away for vacation. You may add other items to create a larger makeup collection with novelty items, but these seven items are all you really need to put your best face forward daily.


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