The Truth about Breast Enhancement Creams

The Truth about Breast Enhancement Creams

Many people look for alternatives to breast implants. Breast implants represent a major commitment to surgery, and the various lifestyle requirements associated with taking an elective surgery can be more than many want to take on. However, these alternatives must be regarded with a critical eye. The desire for an alternative to breast implants has spawned a very robust market, but many claims are simply untrue.

The most common alternative presented is the “breast enhancement cream“. This is the most common alternative for a variety of reasons, and the truth is that none of them have anything to do with the efficacy of the product. The following is a breakdown of their alleged use.

A common claim is that the creams contain estrogens that are to be communicated into the system through the skin. This is technically possible, so they can make these claims without coming under direct fire. However, an estrogen taken through the skin will not result in breast enhancement. The skin is permeable to hormones, but this is the least efficient mode of delivery: adhesive patches are better, oral tablets are the best, and injections are better still. The best an estrogen supplement can do is make up for a deficiency causing tissue to droop. If this is the case, an endocrinologist can prescribe something much more effective.

Breast EnlargementSome creams are marketed as “herbal“, and therefore harmless and all-natural. These rarely have any truly-active ingredients at all. Frequently, herbs of some kind are used to produce either a pleasant or a pungent smell, and possibly a tingle in the skin. This exploits the placebo effect. People naturally have an inclination toward believing that exceptionally-pleasant or exceptionally-unpleasant medications are more effective, and a tingle generated by menthol or another substance will make it feel like something is happening. If a consumer wishes to believe this is breast enhancement, they are more likely to believe it is so, and thus convince themselves something is happening.

This placebo effect is why creams are chosen. If the substances included in the creams were effective at all, it would be more efficient to metabolize them after a better method of delivery. The unfortunate truth about breast enhancement creams is they don’t work, relying on simple confidence tricks.

Someone seeking effective breast enhancement will want to look into actual breast implants. While the commitment is greater, the results are proven and immediately effective. Breast enhancement creams rely on their relatively low entry price and attractive claims for marketing. However, while breast enhancement creams are more immediately affordable, invested cost for the desired effect can easily exceed that of surgery in the span of a year, which ultimately means a customer would be better off saving for actual surgery later.

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While it is an unpleasant truth for those unable to immediately afford them, or those unwilling to seek surgical options, the only effective path to breast enhancement is to get surgical breast treatments. For those willing to undertake this, however, the results are often more than worth it.

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