Tips on Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Tips on Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Today, more and more people are choosing hardwood floors for their home. These wood floors offer a truly beautiful look. They are incredibly equitable so homeowners who add them to their home will also be adding value to the house. Although these are massive benefits for homeowners, the ease of maintenance and cleaning is truly phenomenal. The process of cleaning hardwood floors is even easier by following a few simple tips.




The beauty of hardwood flooring can be seriously altered by the presence of dirt and other debris left on the wood surface. This dirt and debris can easily scratch, damage, or dent the surface of the wood. For wood floors with a finish, the debris can remove part of the wood’s overall shine. A simple sweeping with a soft broom can do wonders. Many homeowners will also use a dust mop for cleaning dust, dirt, and other debris. This is not necessary every day unless there has been a lot of traffic in the area. For homes with pets who shed, sweeping can be a efficient manner of keeping hardwood floors clean.


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Once a week, it can be beneficial to run a vacuum over the hardwood flooring. It is important to note that vacuums should have a hardwood floor setting with soft brushes so there is not damage done to the floor. Many elements can become lodged in between the wood flooring panels and are not removed with a brook. However, a strong vacuum can easily remove these pieces of dirt and debris from the small cracks and crevices.



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There are areas of the hardwood floor’s surface which may require a more thorough cleaning. Fortunately, the floor mopping cleaner (see iRobot®) is an incredible device with takes the hassle out of mopping. The device utilize a dry or wet mopping power to remove stains, spills, and any debris which cannot be removed with a standard brook or vacuum. It runs on its own and offers a quiet power that is gentle and will not damage floors. However, it also is strong and durable with the technology to clean up to 1,000 square feet. Homeowners who invest in the device are investing in the future of their floors and the value of their homes.

From carpet to tile and everything in between, the process of cleaning the floors of a home can be very overwhelming. Not only does hardwood flooring offer a beautiful and valuable option for the home, it offers a better manner of keeping the floors clean and tidy.