Web Hosting Basics for Individuals

Web Hosting Basics for Individuals

Websites were mostly run by businesses and corporations years ago. These days, even a challenged computer user is capable of creating a website. You don’t need a background in computer programing to create a personal site. A simple understanding of websites and how they’re run helps during the setup phase, though. In an hour, you could own your own website that’s fully visible to browsers.


What is a domain name?

Before proceeding, a potential webmaster needs to acquire the rights to a domain name. Internet users can’t access a site without entering in a URL. Millions of domains are already taken, and webmasters need to find a unique one. Luckily, the rights to a given URL only cost a few dollars annually. It’s important to find a short, unique domain name that catches the eye.

How important is it to have keywords in a domain name?



What is hosting and how does it work?

Next a person must acquire hosting for their website. Otherwise, a blank parked page resides at that URL. Hosting is required in order to display actual content for a given domain name. Thousands of hosting packages are available from various service providers today. Unfortunately, not all packages are created equally, and some aren’t worth paying for. Webmasters need to do research each hosting option thoroughly.


What kind of hosting package does your website require?

In today’s world, hosting is offered by web hosting services across the Internet. Every website requires a certain web hosting package (see Gigabit). For instance, small personal websites might only need 500 MB of bandwidth and 1 GB of data storage. Then again, larger websites might need 100 times those amounts. Individuals are wise to choose a setup that matches their own needs.






Always choose hosting packages with extra features.

While bandwidth and data are important, webmasters need to consider extra features, too. Sometimes, a service provider might only offer bandwidth and data – nothing else. Others include features like cPanel, free advertising funds, and custom website builders. The less experience a person has with web design, the more free features they should seek out. In most cases, extra features can help a person bridge the gap between their capabilities and their dream website.


Paying for Monthly Service vs. Paying for Annual Service

Typically, webmasters can pay monthly or annual fees for their hosting services. Most service providers offer a discount for paying annually upfront. A given hosting package might cost $5 to $12 monthly. However, an upfront annual payment might take 30 percent or more off the total price. Users with heavier hosting needs will find themselves paying a lot more for their service, though. Each company sets its own pricing structures after all.


How to Find the Right Hosting Service In a Saturated Market

Finding the right hosting company isn’t always easy today. Currently, hundreds of options are available, and companies strive to set themselves apart. Small website operators should look for an affordable service provider. They should seek out companies that offer live assistance via phone or Web. Plus, better hosting services tend to spell everything out in plain language and offer free companion services.


Easily Start Your Own Website Today!

In the end, web hosting is relatively easy to understand. Individuals without any experience in design can create their own website or personal blog. They’ll need a registered URL and hosting to display the site on the Internet. With that in mind, the best hosting packages for individuals are small but feature-rich. Nobody needs to spend a fortune in order to maintain a website today. Less than $50.00 can keep a website running for an entire year, and costs will continue to drop.