What You Need To Know Before You Decide To Get a Botox Jaw Reduction

What You Need To Know Before You Decide To Get a Botox Jaw Reduction


New cosmetic procedures are now making it possible to narrow the jawline without having to go through surgery. This technique uses a simple injection of a substance that will affect the muscle groups in the jaw that are responsible. It is called a jaw reduction. Here is what you should know before you decide to get this type of jaw reduction procedure done.

botox-jaw-line-reductionNot Everyone Is a Good Candidate

The first thing to know is that not everyone is a good candidate for this type of jaw reduction procedure. You really need to have large jaw muscle in order for this to work correctly. If the muscles are too small, then you are not likely to see much of a difference. Small muscles could also lead to complications. You will learn whether you are a good candidate during the initial consultation at an aesthetic clinic.

hqdefault (1)How It Works

The way the jaw reduction works has to do with the substance used. Botox actually causes your muscles to relax and weaken over time. It is injected into a very precise area of your jaw. It goes exactly where three different muscle attach to the bone of your jaw. The substance then weakens the muscles so that they reduce in size.

square-jaw-reduction-singapore-aestheticsThe Procedure Is Fast and Almost Painless

A Botox jaw reduction can be done in 15 to 30 minutes in many cases. You can have the procedure done during a lunch break or in-between shopping trips. Another thing to know is that the jaw reduction is almost painless. The most you will feel is a very slight pinch.

ccPractically No Recovery Is Necessary

Unlike some other jaw reduction procedures, this one has practically no recovery time. You will be left sitting in the chair at the clinic for around five minutes after the injections are made. This is just to let you relax and see if there are any adverse reactions. You can then go back to your day. Most people do not experience any bruising, swelling or redness.

article-2307206-14E5A3F4000005DC-789_634x477Results Take Time to Appear

This type of jaw reduction procedure is not instantaneous. It takes longer than other treatments that use the same substance. You are generally going to start seeing your jaw narrow about three to six weeks after the injections. Your jaw might continue to reduce in size for another six months to a year.

Newport-Beach-Botox-TreatmentThe Procedure Can Potentially Cause Permanent Reductions

There is some debate about the duration of this jaw reduction technique. It could last for anywhere from about nine months to a year and a half. There are people who claim that it can permanently shrink your jaw muscles and underlying bone over the course of three treatments. This might be true since the weakened muscle could atrophy after several years.

A jaw reduction using injections is incredibly safe and has almost no risks of side effect. It is a way to slowly narrow your jaw and change your face without having to undergo major surgery. Consider all of these points before you make the decision to get jaw reduction injections.