Where To Learn Stock Trading In Singapore

Where To Learn Stock Trading In Singapore

Online Guru Trader provides personal coaching for online traders. Trading returns on capital with an Online Guru Trader OGT Trading Methodology have included over 150 percent returns on capital. The streamlined and tailored trading approach is a product of many years of research and profitable online trading strategies. A personal trading coach teaches each free seminar in order to prepare the novice trader about the successful methods of trading.



1. Online Guru Trader

A personal trading coach leads each free seminar. Sign up for their FREE seminar here. The classes are available to novice and seasoned professional traders who wish to learn more about stock trading. The methodology used includes an analysis of current strategies, an application of trading psychology, and successful money management tools that may be used. A structured set of principles are aligned with a highly effective market analysis strategy. The several years of direct trading that have been accomplished by the teaching professional are included in a monitoring and trading plan that successfully helps each new trader achieve profitable results. The free seminar attendance information is on www.onlinegurutrader.com. The free seminar recommends daily trading and a time investment of one to two hours of time each day.




2. Applications For The OGT Trading Methodology

The OGT method can be used across any type of stock or derivative trading platform. Forex markets and options markets can successfully use this type of market methodology. The trading principles remain the same. Short term and long term strategies can use this method of profitable trading as well. The type of trading method is mostly technical since technical charts and graphs are used almost exclusively to gain the successful trades. A technical method used includes determining direction of the markets, watching certain price actions, and deciding about value indications that occur. A fundamental background is researched as an overall macro view for the markets.


OGT Methodology



3. Recent Trade Alerts

Recent trade alert information is available for review. Online Guru Trading reviews a trading buy order for a selected market stock. The trade alert information gives the market order to sell, and a new trader with OGT can see what type of strategy is used and how the profits are generated with this online strategy. Profit trading information is available for the following stock trades:

1. Verifone Systems Inc. Com (PAY)
2. Target Corporation (TGT)
3. EUR/GBP currency trades
4. Southwestern Energy Co. (SWN)
5. Profit targets for Pfizer Inc. (PFE)
6. Profit target for Ebay Inc. (EBAY)
7. Trade alert for HollyFrontier Corporation (HFC)



Online Guru Trading (OGT) methodology is an effective method of stock analysis and trading. A free seminar allows a novice or seasoned stock trader to experience this type of successful trading methodology. A decision about continuing with this system can allow an online stock trader to have continued mentoring and professional trade support. The novice trader has several previous trade alerts to review. There are stock trading archives available.

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