Why Heavy Makeup in Hot Weather Ruins Your Skin

Why Heavy Makeup in Hot Weather Ruins Your Skin


While you may feel more self-confident when you’re wearing makeup, cosmetics are not necessarily your skin’s best friend. From causing clogged pores to making a heat rash develop more quickly, there are many reasons why wearing heavy makeup in hot weather ruins your skin.


Clogged Pores

When you wear cosmetics on hot days, you could be causing your skin to overheat. This results in your body overproducing oil. While a dewy glow may give you an attractive appearance, a greasy look is likely to cause you to delete all of your selfies for the day. In addition, when your skin produces an excess amount of oil, you may suffer from clogged pores, which frequently results in acne. To avoid this situation, consider using an oil-free cleanser, a matte foundation or a Blemish Balm, or BB, cream. A BB cream is a hybrid product that has the hydrating elements of a moisturizer combined with sunscreen type sun protection. It also provides a light covering of foundation.


Heat Rash

When you spend an extended amount of time in direct sunlight, the added heat could be more than your body is able to manage. This situation can cause your face and body to break out in tiny bumps. It may also result in your skin developing a red tone. Both skin conditions are considered a heat rash. If you’re wearing cosmetics, you could be exasperating a heat rash, which is why heavy makeup can ruin your skin in hot weather. For those who are sensitive to heat, outdoor activities may make a heat rash worse. If you notice that your skin generally breaks out when you’re enjoying hot, balmy weather, you may have to avoid wearing makeup while outside.



If you apply heavy makeup before stepping foot outside, the cosmetic’s weighted feel on your face may cause you to forget to apply sunscreen. This will damage your skin because you will likely end the day with a sunburn. When the sun burns your skin, it can ruin it by causing brown spots, freckles and melanoma. Be sure to treat a sunburn with aloe. Also, try to stay especially hydrated until your skin has healed. Skin preserving tips include applying makeup or cream that features a high sun protection factor or SPF.

Tinea Versicolor

Hot climates combined with sweat can spark a fungal infection called tinea versicolor. When you wear heavy makeup in hot weather, you may increase your chances of developing it. While this condition will not ruin your skin, it will cause your body to release an enzyme that triggers skin discoloration in varying shades of brown or red. To get rid of the fungal infection, use an over-the-counter substance called selenium sulfide. Also, consider decreasing the amount of makeup that you wear when it’s hot.

Skin Cream from Singapore Offers Protection

BB cream in Singapore provides an extra layer of protection when you’re spending time in hot weather. If your skin tends to break out in acne or if you develop a heat rash while outside, BB cream may allow you to prevent these conditions since it is a replacement option for heavy makeup.