Why We Love Cleaning (And You Should Too!)

Why We Love Cleaning (And You Should Too!)

No one ever goes to a dinner party and discusses the latest and greatest cleaning products on the market. But with today’s technology, that weekly chore can turn into an experience worth talking about. Here are a few suggestions on how to put a little wow into a once mundane chore.

Better than an X-Box

Watching the world come alive by playing electronic games may seem like more fun that cleaning, but only if you have never tried the Neato VX-21 robot vacuum. Kick off your shoes, get a cup of tea, and relax while your automatic floor cleaner collects those dust bunnies and dirt. If it feels like you are in your own real-life game of chase the crumbs, you are. Only watching is much more fun than pushing around a heavy machine.

Bathroom Cleaning – UUGGG

Trying to get yourself worked up into a cleaning mode to face the bathroom cleaning? What if you could eliminate scrubbing the shower and tub walls? Chances are, cleaning would not seem like such a struggle. Automatic bathroom cleaners have finally come to the rescue. By using one of these simple wall units, postponing that ugly experience becomes necessary only once monthly, and easier to accomplish because there will be no build-up of nasty mold and mildew.

Love your Fish but Hate the Tank?

It has finally happened. An automatic, natural way to clean the inside of your fish tank without bringing out the rubber gloves and lining the floors with papers. No clean aquariums are based on the law of physics, just like a stream that filters impurities as they cross over rocks. Simply add the specially-designed tube to your tank, pour in fresh water, and watch as the old water on the bottom is sucked out and replaced with new water. Fish are not disrupted, your hands stay clean, and the tank sparkles like never before.

As long as there are humans, pets, and well, life, dirt is going to exist. That doesn’t mean that hours have to be wasted in cleaning. With these 3 technically advanced methods of cleaning, you have more time and a more thorough job. The next time that you perform one of these chores, set a timer and compare.

• Neato VX-21 – 5 minute setup time versus 30 minutes vacuuming
• Automatic Bathroom Cleaners – 30 second push button versus 15 minutes scrubbing
• No Clean Aquariums – 15 minutes water fill time versus 2 hours dipping and cleaning up the mess

I think you will agree that improved methods will make you more prone to enjoying your cleaning day routine. Watch for other new products and equipment that will inspire you to love cleaning.