Why You Should Date a Person Who Reads

Why You Should Date a Person Who Reads

Dating a person who reads habitually is so often stimulating and pleasurable. Readers develop over time a set of skills and personality traits that lend themselves to intimate, happy, and healthy relationships. Among those qualities are wisdom, patience, empathy, and plain old intelligence.




❤ Always Something to Talk About ❤

First, successful dating requires comfortable communication and plenty of it. A relationship is more satisfying, therefore, if at least one of the two people involved is verbally expressive and has much to discuss. Readers possess both of those attributes. They have expansive vocabularies. Moreover, all those books give them lots of material to review. Indeed, spend any amount of time with a lifelong reader and you might be surprised by the number of anecdotes, facts, and witticisms that person shares.


This Awesome Guy Proposed To His Girlfriend With A Super Cute Children's Book He Hid In A Local Library

This Awesome Guy Proposed To His Girlfriend With A Super Cute Children’s Book He Hid In A Local Library



❤ A Patient Partner ❤

Many tomes demand patience. Bibliophiles are accustomed to slow narratives and scads of detailed exposition. As such, readers become reflective souls who get bored much less quickly than most people. And so they don’t need constant entertainment and stimulation. Rather, they’re usually delighted by the occasional amorous — and inexpensive — night at home.

More important, when a person doesn’t bore easily, he or she is probably more willing to commit to a long-term relationship and to be satisfied with that union even during its duller moments.



Couple in Library



❤ Insight into the Human Condition ❤

More crucial yet is that readers appreciate individuality. They know how to accept and even embrace others’ quirks and eccentricities because they spend so much time in the company of odd and flawed characters. What’s more, they come to care about and perhaps love those characters in spite of their considerable shortcomings. To describe it another way, reading affords people profound insights into a wide range of personality types; it allows them to climb into the minds of others and to view the world from different points of view.

This process is truly helpful when applied to romance. A partner who’s a fan of books should have empathy for your various viewpoints and a greater sensitivity to your feelings. As a result, he or she should be at least somewhat adept at avoiding unnecessary conflict and at lowering the temperature whenever a disagreement does arise.


Couple in library


❤ Quality Time with Books = Romance in the Air ❤

Finally, you always know how to excite your significant other when he or she is a reader. Simply buy books as gifts @ NoQStore.asia, accompany him or her to a favorite bookstore, or snuggle up at home and read aloud passages from beloved stories. You’ll come across as a romantic hero every time.