Why You Should Earn an LLB Degree

Why You Should Earn an LLB Degree

Why take up a law course and eventually earn an LLB or Bachelor of Laws degree when there are so many easier paths you can choose? Law school courses can stress you out more than engineering courses, nursing courses, education courses, or business courses. So, why this? I will give you some reasons why you should earn a law degree and become a lawyer.

Money is essential to survive in this world. We can even say that you can buy the world with money. Financial stability is one of the biggest perks of becoming a lawyer. After several years of hardship, it is only expected to reap what you have sown.

Not to mention, Law is one of first academic fields to be established. As they say, a lawyer belongs to the élite class of intellectuals. If you want to boost your pride, morale, and your social status, be a lawyer. Prestige comes easy when you are one. People immediately have respect for you because the well-being of the society actually lies in your hands.

More than anything, lawyers should possess the passion for the truth. There is so much injustice in this world that we need credible people to put things right. If you want to uphold justice, take up a law course.

Being in this field also allows different career opportunities to open up for you. You can enter the mass media and be one of those commentators on TV. Or you can go into politics, it is one of the more common paths pursued by many lawyers.

Most of all, being a lawyer gives you the power to create change. In this world, change is very important, especially on how the society perceive certain issues. Having the power to change how people think can affect so many lives.


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