Why You Should Scuba Dive in Tropical Waters

Why You Should Scuba Dive in Tropical Waters

Scuba diving is one of the most relaxing and rewarding hobbies in the world. There are few better options for those that love the ocean. There are many places to scuba dive in the world and many sights to see, but tropical waters consistently take the cake as far as options are concerned. Experienced divers consistently agree that tropical waters are generally superior for extended vacations. Here are the top three reasons to dive in tropical waters that experienced divers tend to address.

The first reason is that resorts and local economies cater well to dive tourists, making the process easier and in many cases much more fun. Malaysia dive vacations are a great example of this. While Malaysia isn’t the first place most people think of for a vacation, there are a number of compelling reasons to dive there. Malaysia is home to the world’s first ever rig dive. It was converted from a retired oil rig and now contains an entire hotel dedicated to diving. Malaysia’s dive tourism industry is well-suited to accommodate travelers that don’t speak the language or understand all the local customs, as are diving resorts in Honduras and other tropical locations.

The quality of the water is another aspect of tropical diving that most locations can’t match. Tropical waters tend to be far warmer year-round. While wetsuits serve to keep their wearers relatively warm even in chilly water, colder temperatures still demand more endurance from divers over longer periods of time. The warm waters of the tropics allow divers to enjoy longer excursions, often enabling them to safely cover greater distances underwater without tiring. In addition to the warmth, tropical waters are frequently much clearer. Enhanced visibility allows divers to see greater distances and depths, and the lack of silt and other dithering material lets divers see colors and details far more vibrantly. This provides an even greater advantage for those interested in underwater photography as it allows for much clearer photographs to be taken. While scuba diving always carries risks, the clearer waters of tropical seas defray many of the risks associated with visibility. It’s much easier to see and be seen by diving partners and chaperones which allows divers to spot possible problems before they can become actual problems.

Finally, tropical waters are hotbeds of exotic sea life. There are a number of historic locations all over the world with single sights to see, but the teeming life of tropical waters cannot be beat for sheer variety. The clear, healthy nature of tropical seas coupled with their relative warmth allows a huge number of unique creatures to flourish alongside one another. It’s entirely possible to spend a full week on a diving vacation and not run out of fresh species to see.

These are just three of the compelling reasons to take a diving vacation in tropical waters. Experienced divers will be able to cite details about the weather on the surface, positive experiences with individual resorts and other specifics from their own trips. For those willing to arrange for lodging and travel the requisite distance there are few better places to go diving.

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