Yun Nam Hair Care – Ways To Care For Your Hair In The Winter

Yun Nam Hair Care – Ways To Care For Your Hair In The Winter

The chilly air outside can do serious damage to your hair and make it more prone to breakage. That is why many people notice their hair is dry and brittle during the winter months. Fortunately, there are many ways you can keep your hair healthy and strong during the winter months. Below is a list of simple winter hair care tips (provide by Yun Nam Hair Care):


Deep Condition Your Hair More Often

You may have to make a couple of adjustments in your hair care routine during the winter months. Because your hair is more likely to suffer from dryness, it is a good idea to deep condition it more during the winter months. Deep-conditioning your hair will not only help moisturize it, but it will also help protect your hair from breakage.


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Apply Heat Less Often

Excessive heat is damaging to your hair during any time of the year. However, using your flat iron, curling iron or blow dryer can be even more damaging during the winter months. The indoor heating is already sucking some of the moisture out of your hair. Therefore, if you apply more heat to your hair, then you will be drying your hair out even more. That is why it is a good idea to limit your use of heat styling products during the winter months.


Massage Your Scalp

Scalp circulation is reduced during the winter months. In order to ensure your scalp gets adequate blood circulation, you can massage it. This will also help your scalp produce your natural oil.


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Cover Your Hair Up

It is a good idea to cover up your hair up before you go outside during the winter months. This not only keeps your head warm, but it also protects your hair from the dry, cold air. Wear a loose-fitting hat that is made out of natural fibers.